Design Files

What's in a brand

Minding Your Own Brand
Creating a Style Guide for your logo and identity usage to maintain a consistent application across media.
A 4 page summary on branding for business mangers that help with defining your brand, positioning, visuals, verbal and experiential attributes.

Layout for print 11x17 BXW sheet perfect for photocopying to encourage brainstorming with a group.

Design Process

Project Development Overview : Control Freak. The steps from project planning to project launch

The Creative Brief : 10 things you need to know before starting a project.

Think like a Designer : Web Design and the Creative Process

Web Design Essentials : 6 core principles that inform the online design process

Web Design Activities : 5 Tasks for designers at the start of a new project

Communicating with Colour : A Quick Guide for Marketers and Advertisers

Resources for Web & Digital Designers

Web Development Technical Guidelines

Resources for Writing and Editing

A Usability Checklist : Creating a customer-friendly website

Website Quality Assurance Testing Guidelines.

Managing Business Communications

Do you have the right? Check licenses, sizes and numbers before you publish

Privacy Policy and Online Merchant Accounts